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Connecting up your fans and filters will need a few different components, all of which can be found in this ducting and accessories section.

The main component that every extraction system will need is ducting to carry your hot air away from your room and your fresh air to where you need it. We also carry a range of ducting accessories such as bend and Y-pieces for more complex extraction set-ups.

The key with ducting runs is to reduce resistance wherever possible by keeping runs as straight and clear as possible. We also have various clips, clamps and other accessories such as silencers and damper filters.

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Sonoflex 82 mm
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Y profile 3x160
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y profile 3x125
y profile 3x1256,490.-FtViewPre-orderOut of Stock
Bővítő cső 100/160
Bővítő cső 100/1601,400.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Bővítő cső 200/120
Bővítő cső 200/1202,490.-FtViewPre-orderOut of Stock
Bővítő cső 150/120
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Bővítő cső 160/200
Bővítő cső 160/2002,899.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Bővítő cső 125/250
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Bővítő cső 125/200
Bővítő cső 125/2001,800.-FtViewAdd to Cart