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Hundreds Of Indoor Cultivation Lamps: Find Yours

Choose from a multitude of indoor cultivation lamps.

To begin a successful hydroponic cultivation, there are over 300 types of lamps available, divided by catagory. There are around 50 low energy consumption CFL cultivation lamps, and for germination over 200 Neon and many MH, HPS bulbs.

Finally, to have a mixed spectrum of light, of blue and red, you can view around some type of Led and hundreds of Lighting kits for your cultivation.

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New Products For augusztus
Cool Tube 150 mm x 400 mm
Cool Tube 150 mm x 400 mm13,500.-FtViewPre-orderOut of Stock
Mammoth Reflector 2 x 75 W
Mammoth Reflector 2 x 75 W27,490.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Adjust a Wing Spreader Medium Original
Adjust a Wing Spreader Medium Original4,500.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Adjust a Wing Spreader Large Original
Adjust a Wing Spreader Large Original4,990.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Cable & Plug 3x 1,5 3m
Cable & Plug 3x 1,5 3m2,000.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Coolwing 150 mm
Coolwing 150 mm28,500.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Cable & power cord d: 1,5mm
Cable & power cord d: 1,5mm1,500.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Electrical Cable 1,5 mm 1m
Electrical Cable 1,5 mm 1m300.-FtViewAdd to Cart
E40 Socket & Cable
E40 Socket & Cable3,600.-FtViewAdd to Cart
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