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Meters And Monitors

A meter helps to maintain under control various parameters.

There are plenty of little gadgets and gizmos available to aid you in your indoor growing venture, from measuring tools and timers to sprayers and watering cans, there really are a huge range of small products that make a big difference to how easy your garden is to manage.

A quick browse through this product category should find a few tools that you can use in your garden.

CO2 controlCO2 controlpH, ECpH, ECTemperature Humidity MonitoringTemperature Humidity MonitoringTimerTimer
New Products For jlius
Milwaukee MW302 EC Tester
Milwaukee MW302 EC Tester36,000.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Milwaukee Martini pH55 replacement electrode (Mi56P)
Milwaukee Martini pH55 replacement electrode (Mi56P)9,200.-FtViewPre-orderOut of Stock
Battery for pH & EC meters 1,4 V
Battery for pH & EC meters 1,4 V500.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Milwaukee Cleaning Solution (pH & EC) 25 ml
Milwaukee Cleaning Solution (pH & EC) 25 ml390.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Milwaukee MA9015 Storage Solution (pH & EC)
Milwaukee MA9015 Storage Solution (pH & EC)3,990.-FtViewAdd to Cart
CARBON-B1 Basic CO2 Controller Superpro
CARBON-B1 Basic CO2 Controller Superpro104,990.-FtViewPre-orderOut of Stock
Milwaukee MW100 pH Tester
Milwaukee MW100 pH Tester33,000.-FtViewPre-orderOut of Stock
Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier
Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier14,990.-FtViewPre-orderOut of Stock
Mechanical Time Switch
Mechanical Time Switch1,500.-FtViewAdd to Cart
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