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ETI open ballast 1000W
ETI open ballast 1000WParameters: 230V 50Hz HPS1000W 10,3A MH1000W 9,5A 2,5mm2 cabel for using.Price: 49,990.-Ft
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Danish tray filter
Danish tray filterThe filter is very useful additional part for Danish tray. We can save our system from contamination. You can put the filter into the tray which will fix to the system. You can put  tile on ...Price: 1,600.-Ft
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GHE AeroFlo 80
GHE AeroFlo 80AF 80L: 80 plant-sites (4,5 m2) L= 410 – W = 105 – H = 57 cm Effective capacity: 200 l Hydroponics with extraordinary oxygenation. The ...Price: 379,890.-Ft
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Clean U Synthetic Urine 25ml
Clean U Synthetic Urine 25mlSynthetic urine to safeguard our private matters. Ideal 25ml durable packaging, so that we can take it anytime anywhere. CleanUrin is a 100% synthetic portable urine. The German ...Price: 3,950.-Ft
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Clean U Anti-Paranoia-Pack Synthetic Urine and Sachet for Women
Clean U Anti-Paranoia-Pack Synthetic Urine and Sachet for WomenPractical, secret synthetic urine tube system that can be worn attached to the body. The set contains a thermo-sachet and an outline tube. The whole pack can be attached onto our ...Price: 6,949.-Ft
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Clean U Anti-Paranoia-Pack Underpants and Synthetic Urine
Clean U Anti-Paranoia-Pack Underpants and Synthetic UrineBe Free! Protect your private affairs in the closest place possible. These underpants have a secret pocket at the groins that will keep your CleanUrin synthetic ...Price: 6,949.-Ft
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Rush Aroma Poppers Hardware 10 ml
Rush Aroma Poppers Hardware 10 mlThe Poppers Super Rush contains pentyl nitrit which is more aromatick than any other rush on the market. Super Rush Poppers are definitely a bit of a step up from the Original Rush poppers. The ...Price: 3,000.-Ft
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Bio Nova GreenWall Supermix
Bio Nova GreenWall SupermixBio Nova GreenWall is a complete fertiliser for plants in wall and roof systems mostly with rockwool or other artificial substrates. It contains ...Price: 5,990.-Ft
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Notebook digital scale 600g-0.01g
Notebook digital scale 600g-0.01gProfessional digital pocket scales measuring range.Price: 8,990.-Ft
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BD Digital Pocket Scale 100g-0.01g
BD Digital Pocket Scale 100g-0.01gDigital pocket scale with range 100g/0.01g ...Price: 6,190.-Ft
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Homebox HomeLab Grow Tent
Homebox HomeLab Grow TentThe HomeLab has long been a first choice for growers who want a quick and convenient indoor garden. It’s a fuss-free solution – no need for tools. Simply unpack, assemble and ...Price: 24,990.-Ft
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Homebox Vista Grow Tent
Homebox Vista Grow TentLike the Ambient grow tents, the Vista products come in an elegant, modern shade of beige. This also enables them to be automatically incorporated into the room ...Price: 54,990.-Ft
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Homebox Evolution Grow Tent
Homebox Evolution Grow TentThe Evolution line will still be part of the HOMEbox® family in future; the three most popular models, Q100, Q120, and R240, will continue to be available alongside the ...Price: 64,990.-Ft
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Homebox Ambient Grow Tent
Homebox Ambient Grow TentOur new growbox Ambient product line is available in all the familiar sizes, ranging from the miniature Q30 version to the maximum growing experience of the Q300. ...Price: 14,990.-Ft
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DISCOUNT Nanolux digital ballast 400W
DISCOUNT Nanolux digital ballast 400WThe revolutionary Nanolux dimmable digital ballast is a premier choice for your garden. The Nanolux uses cutting edge circuit board technology to make it 1/2 the size of traditional digital ...Price: 45,990.-Ft32,193.-Ft
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Light set 600W with Cool Wing and Digital ballast
Light set 600W with Cool Wing and Digital ballastThe Set includes: Cool Tube 125 mm + adjust-a-wings medium enforcer reflector Sylvania SHP-TS GroXpress 600W Green Force digital Ballast ...Price: 84,470.-Ft66,990.-Ft
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600W Light Set With Digital Ballast
600W Light Set With Digital BallastThe set contains: Adjust-a-Wing large Enforcer reflector Philips SON-T HPS bulb 600W Green Force Digital ballast 600W cable for ...Price: 75,960.-Ft59,990.-Ft
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Electrical Cable 2,5 mm 1m
Electrical Cable 2,5 mm 1m Electrical wire for high performance ballast and bulbs   2,5mm thick three-wire Price: 500.-Ft
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