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GHE AeroFlo 80

GHE AeroFlo 80

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AF 80L: 80 plant-sites (4,5 m2)
L= 410 – W = 105 – H = 57 cm
Effective capacity: 200 l

Hydroponics with extraordinary oxygenation.

The famous General Hydroponics Europe has been producing systems for almost 2 decades, for hobby gardeners and professional gardens and research institutes. The Aeroflo system oxygenates the circulated water. This promotes strong, robust and resistant plants. With this system we can manage to harvest sooner and more.

The AeroFlo is designed to provide for your plants' everyday needs. This high-tech unit keeps perfect oxygen level in the fertilized irigation water, this leads to enormous crops. It is quick and flexible; can be used for seedlings and cuttings, or through the entire life cycle - this means we can avoid stress that comes with repotting, and we can shorten the production cycles.

The AeroFlos are modulable and expandable.They can be used in all growing areas:
The AF14, with its elongated shape, can be placed on a balcony or a window sill, while the AF60, with its deep reservoir, fits better in a greenhouse. The AF28 and the AF “B” line are a low series (32 cm high) and are perfect for low roofing areas like cellars or indoor gardens. The AeroFlos are expandable from a few growing chambers up to hundreds of them.

Each AeroFlo is provided with instuctions and a batch of Flora Series 1L.


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