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Lumatek digital dimmable transformer
Lumatek digital dimmable transformer

Lumatek digital dimmable transformer

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Lumatek digit trans 250W49 990 Ft

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49 990 Ft

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The Lumatek digital dimmable transformer is an excellent solution for novice and professional growers of photosensitive plants. High performance with low power consumption and operating costs.

Lumatek digital transformers control the start-up phases and voltage output through microprocessors, which improve lamp performance and waste less energy as heat. Selecting the Super Lumens (SL) switch setting on Lumatek transformers increases the performance of HPS lamps by 10%, increasing brightness and PAR / PPF levels. We do not recommend dimming or amplifying MH lamps that must match the same power setting (eg 250 W lamp at 250 W and 150 W lamp at 150 W).

Lumatek transformers come with fixed cable connectors that are immediately ready for plug & play use.

Voltage 240 V 50 / 60 Hz
Input Current Max (A) 1,20 A
Input Power 265W
Output power 250W
Power factor > 0,99
Voltage range 175 to 275V
THD <8%
Lamp CCF <1,7
Operating frequency high frequency
Envirement temperature for full load operation -25 to 50°C (-13 to 122°F)
Enclosure temperature rise (Δt) 25 ° C (77 ° F)
Environment IP require > IP23
Humidity capable of operating in relative humidity of 0% to 90%,non-condensing
Dimensions 200 x 114 x 81 mm
Weight 2 kg

User manual is available here.


Lumatek digit trans 250W49 990 Ft


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