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Nanolux digital ballast
Nanolux digital ballast

Nanolux digital ballast

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400 W45 990 Ft 22 995 Ft
600 W54 990 Ft
1000 W79 990 Ft

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45 990 Ft 22 995 Ft

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The revolutionary Nanolux dimmable digital ballast is a premier choice for your garden. The Nanolux uses cutting edge circuit board technology to make it 1/2 the size of traditional digital ballasts at 1/4 the weight.

The Nanolux will operate HPS and MH lamps, and it incorporates a random start feature, which gives each ballast a 0-15 second window upon which it will strike the lamp. This feature allows for a lower initial power draw when using multiple ballasts. In addition, the Nanolux ballast is programmed with a "soft start" and "soft dimming" which helps extend lamp life.

The Nanolux ballasts operate on 100-265 volts and utilize an LED notification system. This indicator allows the user to easily diagnose such problems as fan failure, under or over voltage, short or open circuit protection and thermal overload protection. Customize your light output between 100%, 75% and 50%.  The Nanolux ballast comes pre-wired with Hydrofarm's new dual lamp receptacle, which allows you to plug in all common reflectors without the use of an adapter plug. Enhance your garden with the Nanolux dimmable digital ballast today! 

• Run ballast at 100%, 75%, or 50%

• Soft start and dimming feature

• Strike both Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium Bulbs

• Runs 20% cooler than other digital ballasts on the market

• Energy-saving up to 30% compared with magnetic ballast

• Comprehensive short-circuit/circuit overheat/lamp failure protection

• LED error indicator light


400 W45 990 Ft 22 995 Ft
600 W54 990 Ft
1000 W79 990 Ft


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