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Oxy Plus (H2O2) 17,5%
Oxy Plus (H2O2) 17,5%

Oxy Plus (H2O2) 17,5%

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Essentials Oxy Plus Oxygen 17,5%

Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical which is fundamental to life itself, participating in all the metabolic processes in plants and animals. When added to the nutrient tank it will quickly break down into pure water, releasing the extra Oxygen atom into the solution where it can be taken up by the roots in much the same way as nutrientions.

Essentials Oxy Plus oxygen can be Added to any non-organic nutrient solution to increase the oxygen content, this can lead to greater photosynthesis and give you healthier plants. Also used to clean out systems between crops. Do not use with beneficial bacteria though!

Here are some general uses for OxyPlus:

  • OxyPlus drives out chlorine and degrades pesticides/herbicides and organic matter that might be present in your water supply
  • Achieve rapid root growth in cuttings when treating your growing media
  • Add to your hydroponic systems to raise oxygen levels
  • OxyPlus kills harmful bacteria and pathogens very effectively. Ideal for post harvest clean ups. It will also promote rapid decomposition of organic material within the medium, tanks, pipes, drippers etc

Keep OxyPlus in a fridge or cool environment.


0,25 liter1 250 Ft
1 liter3 400 Ft
5 liter12 990 Ft


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