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magna G&T: CBD Nasal spray
magna G&T: CBD Nasal spray

magna G&T: CBD Nasal spray

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Breathe like a mountain breeze!
Don’t let a cold or nasal congestion caused by hay fever stop your day! CBD Orrspray is specifically designed to clear clogged airways, refresh and revitalize your body. Our unique formula is a sophisticated blend of CBD (cannabidiol), eucalyptus and capsaicin that can provide instant relief so you can breathe easier.

Whether it’s a presentation in the workplace, caring for grandchildren, or living an active life, don’t let nasal congestion stop you from getting the most out of life. A cold or hay fever can cause shortness of breath as the airways become blocked. CBD Nasal Spray is specifically designed to relieve nasal congestion to be fresh and energetic, ready for any challenge.

Our full-spectrum, gold-standard CBD extract was professionally combined with eucalyptus and capsaicin to provide a single-unit formulation that can be used to treat colds or hay fever nasal congestion. Thanks to the capillaries in the nasal passages, CBD can get directly into the bloodstream, so it is absorbed faster, resulting in a more direct and stronger effect. The effectiveness of CBD, combined with the cleansing effect of eucalyptus and the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of capsaicin, gives the feeling of a fresh breeze as if walking on the highest Swiss hilltops. Together, the selected natural ingredients open the airways and reduce nasal irritation.

If you want to feel excited about a steadily refreshing alpine breeze, choose CBD Nose Spray. Never let a nasal congestion prevent you from doing all that life has to offer!


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