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Lumatek CMH lamp (315 W, 630 W)

Lumatek CMH lamp (315 W, 630 W)

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315 W / 3100 K39 990 Ft
315 W / 4200 K39 990 Ft
630 W / 3100 K49 990 Ft
630 W / 4200 K49 990 Ft

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39 990 Ft

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The Lumatek CMH lamp (315 W, 630 W) is a pulse start lamp designed for use with the Lumatek digital dimmable transformer. This ceramic metal halide lamp is made using high quality ceramic arc tube technology and a special horticultural gas mixture that provides optimal spectral performance for the growth of healthy plants.

The PCA ceramic arc tube allows the lamp to operate at higher internal temperatures, increasing color rendering, performance and efficiency. PCA is resistant to interactions with chemicals in the tube, which stabilizes the chemical mixture over the life of the lamp, thereby improving color consistency and maintaining PAR / PPF levels. Pulse start technology enables faster start-up and playback times, longer lamp life and increased lumen maintenance.

  Lumatek CMH lamp 315 W Lumatek CMH lamp 630 W
Power Voltage 240V, 50Hz
Power 315 W 630 W
Current 3,15 A 3,2 A
Rated Life 14.000 h 12.000 h
CCT (Correlated Color Temperature)  3.100 K (Agro),  4.200 K (Daylight) 3.100 K (Agro), 4.200 K (Daylight)
CRI (Colour Rendering Index) >94%
Luminous Flux 37.000 lm (3100 K); 38.000 lm (4.200 K) 70.000 lm (3.100 K); 72.000 lm (4.200 K)
Luminous Efficiency 118 lm / W (3.100 K); 121 lm / W (4.200 K) 112 lm / W (3.100 K); 115 lm / W (4.200 K)
Bulb T38 T34
Base PGZX18 dupla végű



315 W / 3100 K39 990 Ft
315 W / 4200 K39 990 Ft
630 W / 3100 K49 990 Ft
630 W / 4200 K49 990 Ft


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