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Urban Garden Smart CO2 producer bag
Urban Garden Smart CO2 producer bag

Urban Garden Smart CO2 producer bag

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The Urban Garden Smart CO2 producer bag is designed for small and medium-sized growing boxes or other growing rooms. A bag can be used in a cultivation area of ​​1.2 m2 (approx. 4-6 plants). The CO2-producing bag produces carbon dioxide 24 hours a day, which is released continuously (for up to 6 months) through a specially designed microporous filter. Suitable for both growth and flowering, it can be used universally for plants grown in soil, hydroponics or coconut soil. The bag weighs 3 kg.


The CO2 producing bag can be activated by tearing off the white paper on the front side of the bag by hand.

The generator should be activated when the seedlings have 2-3 leaves. CO2 production begins within the day after activation. The fertility of the mycelium increases daily as the plants grow to reach maximum yield after a few weeks. The coating on the inside of the sachet means the fungi are developing and the product is working properly. The bag must not be torn. The hermetically sealed package allows it to be stored in a dark room for approximately 90 days prior to activation and is resistant to short-term frostbite.


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