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Cultibox Combi 120x120x200
Cultibox Combi 120x120x200

Cultibox Combi 120x120x200

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49 950 Ft

Product code: GRO0816


The cultibox presents the latest development of growboxes. The new SG combi can be fully opened on three sides, so many units can be attached to one another of the same model. This makes it easy to adapt to any available area. Due to the various sizes every small place can be utilized. If the box is packed, it is light, and has small storage size.

The new SG combi ia available in the following sizes:

ARMSG120 - 20.1 × 20.1 × 2:00 m
ARMSG100 - 1.00 × 1:00 × 2:00 m
ARMSG80 - 0.80 × 0.80 × 1.60 m

These are all connectable with each other, and are made of high quality canvas. The reflective inner surface is made of metal (an opacity less than 5%). It's PVC free. Easy to assemble.


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