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Biobizz Biological Fertiliizers

Since 1992, when the company was founded, Biobizz has made a positive contribution with its commitment to ecological awareness.

They produce Csoil, natural nutrients, fertilizers, stimulants, and additive mixtures for plants. These products have been developed for every sensible horticulturalist, gardener or demanding user who makes a conscious decision to reject every product containing chemical ingredients - which seen in a long term perspective will ultimately destroy your harvests, land, and the planet.

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Biobizz Alg-a-Mic nutrients
Biobizz Alg-a-Mic nutrients     Alg-A-Mic is a revitalizing product made from a high-grade, ...3,190.-Ft
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Biobizz Bio-Bloom nutrients
Biobizz Bio-Bloom nutrients  Biobizz Bio-Bloom Bio-Bloom is a liquid fertilizer that can be applied to most ...1,750.-Ft
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Biobizz Bio-Grow nutrients
Biobizz Bio-Grow nutrients A Biobizz Bio-Grow folyékony szerves növényi táp és kiváló talaj-aktiváló, 100%-ban szervesen ...1,590.-Ft
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Biobizz Bioheaven nutrients
Biobizz Bioheaven nutrients   BioHeaven is a specially formulated plant energy booster which contains carefully ...6,290.-Ft
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BioBizz Fish Mix nutrients
BioBizz Fish Mix nutrients   Fish Mix has long been a loyal friend to gardeners, feeding their plants and the ...1,789.-Ft
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Biobizz Leaf Coat nutrients
Biobizz Leaf Coat nutrients   Leaf Coat is a ready-to-use product that can be applied to plants growing in soil, ...3,190.-Ft
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Biobizz Root Juice nutrients
Biobizz Root Juice nutrients   Root Juice combines two amazing natural products, premium humic acid and seaweed. ...3,800.-Ft
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BioBizz Starter Pack
BioBizz Starter Pack Finally BioBizz has decided to design also a good Starter Pack now and get the ...19,990.-Ft
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Biobizz Topmax nutrients
Biobizz Topmax nutrients   Topmax is a 100% organic flowering enhancer. Using Top·Max™ can help your ...4,489.-Ft
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