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Phytolite 55W NEON Agro 2100 K
Phytolite 55W NEON Agro 2100 K

Phytolite 55W NEON Agro 2100 K

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Using neon tubes for indoor cultivation offers some significant advantages, such as the limited cost neon phytolite and the almost cold light. With a proper reflector the neon tubes can be positioned very close to the plants top, providing a uniform and intense lighting. For the best growroom space optimization the most suitable neon is the double kind; it consists of two thin, short separate tubes. 

The use of this type of fluorescent lamps in the past has been mainly limited to the lighting of plants in vegetative stage and cuttings, which require a white light. In more recent times eventually appeared a product range suitable for flowering, with the color temperature of 2700k. Today is finally available the new neon AGRO and DUAL.

The first one, AGRO, gives a mixed light, including tones of blue and yellow, so it's good for the entire life cycle of the plant. The second, DUAL, consists of two tubes with different color temperatures, 2700K and 6400K, for a range perfectly suited and balanced for growth and flowering.  These innovative neon tubes allow you to grow luxuriant healthy plants with the lowest possible expense of energy and money, without increase of the growroom temperature. The small size also allows an optimal placement near the plants, providing an amazing light penetration. The neon tubes are really easy to install, and require no specific expertise to use.

Rated Power 55W
Lumens 4863
Tube diameter 17mm
Lenght 535mm
Plastic diameter 43mm
Dimension box 540x46x25mm
Life 10000
Cap fitting 2G11


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