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Sylvania UV-B Lamp T8

Sylvania UV-B Lamp T8

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18 W8 190 Ft 4 177 Ft
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The Sylvania UV-B Lamp T8 provides the UVB radiation needed for plant cultivation as well as for reptile habitat.

Main characteristics

  • due to the high ultraviolet content of the emitted light (UV-A 30% and UV-B 10%) promotes the formation, growth, health and well-being of vitamin D3 in reptiles living in terrariums.
  • perfect color reproduction
  • Areas of application: for artificial lighting of reptiles in terrariums, for reptiles accustomed to desert environments, for crop production
  18 W 36 W
Technology fluorescent
Lamp finish frosted / coated
Luminous flux 450 lm 1.000 lm
Colour temperature 6.500 K
Wattage 18 W 36 W
Voltage 57 V 103 V
Average life (nominal) 10.000 h 14.000 h

With regard to UVB, it is important to note that it does not necessarily increase or accelerate the plants, but makes them stronger and tastier. What needs to be paid special attention to UVB is overexposure. UVB is hot and can burn plants, so you don’t have to be on all the time. It is advisable to have a short daily exposure to the plants initially and then gradually increase this duration.


18 W8 190 Ft 4 177 Ft
36 W9 940 Ft 5 070 Ft


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