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Secret Jardin WEBIT90 Plant Support Web 90x90 cm

Secret Jardin WEBIT90 Plant Support Web 90x90 cm

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2 990 Ft

Product code: GRO2445 Videó: WEB IT Instruction


The Secret Jardin WEBit is the perfect product for hobby and commercial ardeners who want to reach every corner of their grow area, whilst minimising work and management.

The appropriate use of a WEBit net helps with height problems and will create a delightfully even canopy, allowing equal light distribution to all the tops of your plant(s).

Nets also help you to train your plant(s) to areas of the grow room they wouldn’t reach with natural growth, meaning you can fill every last inch of grow space with finished flowers for the most stunning of indoor gardens.

Created by Secret Jardin and designed specifically for use in standard size grow tents


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