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Canna Terra Professional Soil
Canna Terra Professional Soil

Canna Terra Professional Soil

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Canna Terra Professional

Canna Terra Professional is a highly advanced growing medium, a combination of extensive research and a blend of the best peats and nutrients.

Experience the amazing Canna Terra Professional. This amazing growing medium formula is born of the desire to create the purest, and best potting mix available. This formulation is designed specifically to cater for the needs of the hydroponic gardener, the best results coming from indoor, growroom applications.

Manufactured using only the highest quality organic materials such as air peat moss and multiple types of tree bark Canna Terra Professional is the substrate of choice for anybody requiring the highest possible levels of quality from their growing medium. These specially sourced organic ingredients directly promote root development and the formation of thicker stems as well as increasing the rate of metabolism and protecting against disease to enhance production.

All in all Canna Terra Professional is a fantastic choice for any hydroponic gardener, this is one of the highest quality substrates available and that quality really shows. Try Canna Terra Professional today and be amazed by the results.



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