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More and more people are turning to coco (sometimes called coir) in search of the increased yields and improved crop quality offered by this growing medium.

The accommodating structure, high levels of aeration, naturally occurring Trichoderma and tremendous drainage properties of our highly refined coco mediums actively encourage roots to develop to their full potential with the results of this root growth clearly visible through increased foliar growth and strong, healthy plants.

Plagron Cocos Premium Medium

Plagron Cocos is a light 100% organic substrate. It is fully buffered with a stable pH value. Thanks to its ideal structure, Plagron Cocos Premium is the perfect basic substrate. It is ...

Coco Bricks (washed) 4.5 kg

This block of compressed coconut results into 10 litres of ready-to-use coconut substrate after adding 3,5 - 4  litres of water to it. Furthermore its volume will increase approximately ...

Canna Coco Natural nutrient

CANNA Coco Natural is a natural coco-based plant medium that offers the gardener and his plants advantages in comparison with other substrates:     CANNA Coco Natural is an ...

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