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Using soil remains a really easy way to raise plants - afterall - most of us have at some point got our hands dirty and grown in pots!

The underlying reasons many growers seek out soil for producing their own fruit, vegetables and consumable crops is down to the outstanding levels of quality that can be achieved and the ability to avoid adding any chemicals. Our range of excellent organic and non-organic soil mediums - which includes products with and without nutrient content (depending on the level of control you want) - all work very effectively to deliver premier standard plants.

Conveniently there's no need to test pH and it's difficult to over-fertilise, however soil is more work and you must be careful not to over-water.

Plagron Lightmix Soil

Plagron Light Mix is a lightly fertilised organic soil mixed with perlite and is ideal for use as a potting soil with young plants. We also recommend using a light mix for all soil grows as ...

Plagron Growmix Soil

No need for growth stage nutrients with Plagron Grow mix 50L! Grow Mix contains enough nutrition for the first 3 weeks of growth. Can be used as a potting mix for rooted cuttings before ...

Plagron Batmix Soil

Plagron's flagship soil, BatMix is in our opinion currently the best soil available for organic growing. It contains all of the usual ingredients that you find in it's competitors such as ...

Plagron Royal Mix Soil

Plagron Royalty Mix is made with a mixture of timed-release fertilisers to give your plant everything it needs. Do not add any fertiliser for the first 6 weeks after the plants are potted into ...

Canna Terra Professional Soil

Canna Terra Professional Canna Terra Professional is a highly advanced growing medium, a combination of extensive research and a blend of the best peats and nutrients. Experience the ...

Plagron Allmix Soil

ALL-MIX: Is a 100% organic strongly fertilised soil for growers who want to grow organically in an easy way. Plagron All-mix is made up of the very best and carefully selected types of peat. The ...

Plagron Cocos Premium Medium

Plagron Cocos is a light 100% organic substrate. It is fully buffered with a stable pH value. Thanks to its ideal structure, Plagron Cocos Premium is the perfect basic substrate. It is ...

Plagron Mega Worm Soil Imrover

Mega Worm is a natural soil improver based on composted plant remains. It creates optimum balance in the soil so the plant can grow and flower profusely. Mega Worm has a very high organic content: it ...


Vermicompost is used as a soil additive, conditioner, and fertilizer. Vermicompost functions to add humus and organic matter to the soil providing bioavailable nutrients to the plants, ...

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