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Combiflex aluminium duct 5 m

Combiflex aluminium duct 5 m

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102 mm2 990 Ft
127 mm3 990 Ft
152 mm4 490 Ft
203 mm5 990 Ft
254 mm7 490 Ft
315 mm9 990 Ft

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2 990 Ft

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The COMBIFLEX  is a fully flexible 6-layer aluminium / polyester laminate duct. The outside is a co-polymer, antistatic layer. The aluminium and polyester layers overlap each other entirely. This “sandwich” construction of the layers results in a higher external resistance against sparks.


The COMBIFLEX flexible ducts are used in ventilation, air conditioning, and air handling systems with low and moderate air pressure where a high mechanical strength, and temperature resistance is required.


    Inner duct of the ALUFLEX AA3 type and a co-polymer outer jacket, total thickness: 145 μ Wire spacing: a steel spiral spring of different thicknesses and a pitch of 25 mm (Ø82-90 mm), 36 mm (Ø102-508 mm)
    Colour : Grey


    Temperature range: From - 30°C till + 100°C
    Air velocity (max): 30 m / sec (5900 ft / min)
    Operating pressure (max): + 2500 Pa (250 mm WC)
    Bend radius: 0.54 x D + 25 mm
    Pressure loss: see diagram
    Diameter range: 102 mm - 508 mm

Chemical resistence

    Good resistance to many solvents


102 mm2 990 Ft
127 mm3 990 Ft
152 mm4 490 Ft
203 mm5 990 Ft
254 mm7 490 Ft
315 mm9 990 Ft


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