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Sunmaster MH bulb
Sunmaster MH bulb

Sunmaster MH bulb

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400 W14 500 Ft
600 W20 990 Ft

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14 500 Ft

Product code: GRO0022


This metal halide lamp with 400 Watts has become very popular for grow rooms and propagation due to its high efficiency.
The blue/white spectrum stimulates root growth and strengthens the plants.
Attention: works only in connection with a E40 socket and the right ballast. Was designed particularly for HPS ballasts. Don't use e.g. an Industria Reflector since the diameter of the lightbulb is larger than costumary HPS light bulbs. But there's no problem with the reflectors we offer, the space is large enough.

The MH light bulbs work with ballasts only! Choose the right one for you HERE.


400 W14 500 Ft
600 W20 990 Ft


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