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Clean U Anti-Paranoia-Pack Synthetic Urine and Sachet for Women

Clean U Anti-Paranoia-Pack Synthetic Urine and Sachet for Women

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Practical, secret synthetic urine tube system that can be worn attached to the body.

The set contains a thermo-sachet and an outline tube. The whole pack can be attached onto our body, so it becomes inconspicuous. The Anti-Paranoia-Pack for women can be used by anyone! Easy and simple to use for the exceptional occasions.

  • Guaranteed discreet usage, with 1.5m tube
  • the tube can be cut to the proper length
  • the thermo-sachet ensures the optimal usage temperature
  • 100% safe and reliable, no leaking, no dripping
  • The bag of the synthetic urine is reclosable
  • The patches are skin-friendly

How to heat up: In Summer, put it under the daylight. In Winter, put it on the radiator. The thermo-sachet keeps the CleanUrin warm for at least 6 hours.

Package contains: 1 x 80ml synthetic urine in an infusion bag, 1 x empty infusion bag (for practice or for other synthetic urine), 1 x 1,5m tube, 3 x patches, 1 x thermo-sachet (for attaching and keeping warm)


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