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Clean U Anti-Paranoia-Pack Underpants and Synthetic Urine

Clean U Anti-Paranoia-Pack Underpants and Synthetic Urine

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Videó: Mai von Rotzepiml explains the ANTI-PARANOIA-PACK from CleanU


Be Free! Protect your private affairs in the closest place possible.

These underpants have a secret pocket at the groins that will keep your CleanUrin synthetic urine safe and warm. This way, it is always ready for use. The compartment is big enough to keep your bank card, ID, money or other valuables there.

Nobody will ever search you there! This is the only part of our body that nobody touches during body search or a robbery attempt. Many tourists would be saved by these panties.

  • These underpants have the best hiding place on earth!
  • Our valuables are safe even if we take off the panties. They will not fall out of the pocket.
  • It remains comfortable even when stuffed. You won’t feel a thing.
  • Skin friendly material
  • Washable at 30°C (remove the CleanUrin synthetic urine bag!)
  • Our body will heat up the synthetic urine to the optimal usage temperature.

CleanUrine is a synthetically produced urine in a durable 25ml bag. We can take it with us anywhere: travelling, special occasions, or even sporting. Its usage is discreet and needs no preparations.

The package contains: 1 x special underpants, 1 x CleanUrine 25ml

*CleanUrine synthetic urine is not consumable for humans.


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