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Milwaukee EC40 Nutrient meter
Milwaukee EC40 Nutrient meter

Milwaukee EC40 Nutrient meter

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Milwaukee EC40 - Nutrient Meter

  • Readings are displayed on an easy to read graph bar with 20 LEDs.
  • The readings are displayed in four measuring scales: CF, EC, PPM500 and PPM700.
  • When the reading is out of range, the top or bottom LED blinks.
  • The alarm set point can be easily adjusted.
  • The meter is factory calibrated and does not require any calibration.
  • The meter switches on and off automatically.
  • Battery level indicator activates when you insert the batteries into the instrument.
  • Its compact, waterproof and floating design makes the meter water resistant and ideal to mix the nutrient solution in the tank.
  • The probe is protected by a crown-shaped ring which is detachable so it is easy to clean.
  • The meter is supplied with a wrist strap.
  • Essential operational instructions are printed on the meter.
  • The meter has a graphite EC probe with a built-in temperature sensor, housed in a stainless-steel casing, which compensates temperature in seconds.


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