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PlagrPlagron Top Grow Box (bio)on top grow box (bio)

PlagrPlagron Top Grow Box (bio)on top grow box (bio)

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Out of stock
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The Alga top growbox is a complete organic fertilizer line from Plagron in 1 box, containing all the necessary nutrition for 1 square meter of plants. The growbox consists of five organic products that will supply your plants with the right nutrition from the beginning to the end.

The growbox includes:

  • Power Roots (100ml)
  • Alga Grow (100ml)
  • Vita Race (100ml)
  • Alga Bloom (1 litre)
  • Green Sensation (100ml)
  • Measuring cup included (1ml to 25ml)

The amount is at least enough for an area of 1 m2. The fertilizer can be used on a substrate of soil or cocos. The growbox comes with a cultivation schedule, so you can see what to use in which stage.

Free Plagron lighter in the Top Grow Box.


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