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Iolite vaporizer

Iolite vaporizer

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The IOLITE is a unique little portable vaporizer made by a company in Ireland called Oglesby & Butler. The IOLITE arrived in 2008. It quickly became one of the most popular vaporizers around. Its ergonomic design, its portability and style, and exceptional user experience marked the IOLITE as a trend-setter and market leader. No wonder it’s already hailed as a classic.

What makes this vape different is that it’s powered by butane. Instead of charging batteries or plugging it into a wall you simply fill it up butane that you can buy at most local convenience stores, the type typically used in lighters.

You’ll find it fits snugly in your hand thanks to ergonomic design and you’ll appreciate its rich vapour in seconds. The ‘original’ and still one of the best vaporisers on the market, it comes in eight great colours.

The heating element uses the gas to heat the herb chamber to optimal vape temperature, in this case 374°F or 190°C.



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