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Secret Stash Can Cola

Secret Stash Can Cola

Out of stock

3 990 Ft

Out of stock
Product code: HED1605


The small metal can size and weight is similar to the original product. It has been designed to accommodate your feared treasures. You can take it yourself during your travels and you can keep your secrets at home safely.


In the cavity inside, you can place the objects so that nobody will look at what's in this box. Thanks to its design it fits in the bag, in hand. It's not even noticeable on the street as it has the look of a totally ordinary product that you could have bought in any business.


The small boxed cola repository we offer is a very good choice for anyone who is concealed. You can also choose as a gift or you can pamper a guest at a party. The inside is sealed and has a screw cap to open the product.

The cans are 0.33L in size.


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