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We are in the Hungarian market since 2007. Our company deals with special cultivation equipments, and distributes and cultivates rare plants. We believe, that home gardening is a great opportunity for conscious users, to cultivate their favourite plants with high quality equipments in a controlled enviroment. Our shop assistants provide professional assistance to the beginner gardeners.

We offer high quality products from all around the world for manufacturers and users as well.

We have shops in Budapest, Szeged and Pécs too.

Retaliers and resellers can also apply.


Gomoa team

Featured products
- 10%
Capsule Set Size: 0
Capsule Set Size: 08,600.-Ft7,740.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Drinking Party Cowboy Hat
Drinking Party Cowboy Hat1,990.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Scho-ka-kola Chocolate
Scho-ka-kola Chocolate990.-FtViewAdd to Cart
- 10%
Capsule Set Size: 1
Capsule Set Size: 18,600.-Ft7,740.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Hemp Seed Oil BIO 250 ml
Hemp Seed Oil BIO 250 ml2,500.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Red Vein Kratom 50g
Red Vein Kratom 50g3,500.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Hibiscus dried inflorescences
Hibiscus dried inflorescences600.-FtViewAdd to Cart
- 10%
Capsule Set Size: 00
Capsule Set Size: 009,400.-Ft8,460.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Glass Percolator Bong With Ice Holder 38 cm
Glass Percolator Bong With Ice Holder 38 cm10,990.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Colorful Thick Glass Pipe 9 cm
Colorful Thick Glass Pipe 9 cm3,990.-FtViewAdd to Cart
- 34%
Kava Kava Candy 8 pieces
Kava Kava Candy 8 pieces1,500.-Ft990.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Terence McKenna: Food of the Gods
Terence McKenna: Food of the Gods3,950.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Gomoa Shop Budapest

Gomoa Shop Budapest

H-1111 Budapest, Lágymányosi u. 5.

Gomoa Shop Szeged

Gomoa Shop Szeged

H-6725 Szeged, Petőfi sugárút 50.

Gomoa Shop Pécs

Gomoa Shop Pécs

H-7621 Pécs, Kazinczy u. 3.