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Atami B cuzz Silic Boost

One of the most common elements of the soil is Silicon (Si). Silicon regulates the plant’s ability to uptake nutrients. This regulation makes sure the nutrients are taken up in the right ...

Atami ATA CalMag

Atami Calmag provides the plants with calcium and magnesium, which are secondary nutrients that play a key role in cell wall formation and photosynthesis. Especially when the grower uses soft tap ...

- 28%
Grow light set 1000W

    Kód Név Ár Reflector GRO3314 Adjust-a-Wings Enforcer Large reflektor E40 foglalattal + IEC kábel 4 m 31 990 Ft Bulb GRO1772 Philips SON-T HPS izzó 1000 W 29 990 Ft Ballast GRO3203 Green Force trafó 1000 W 54 990 Ft Accessory GRO0770 Rope Ratchet reflektor kiegészítő felfüggesztő 2 700 Ft   119 670 Ft   85 800 ...

119 670 Ft85 800 Ft
Love Hemp CBD oil (cannabis olaj)

Love Hemp is the UK’s most trusted CBD brand. All our products are 100% THC free and come in a precise CBD concentration. We invest in the best technology, such as our state-of-the-art High ...

Reakiro Hemp CBD oil 900mg capsule

Revitalisation in one capsule, it really is that easy. Allow your body to either gear up for the important day ahead, or unwind at the end, with a little helping hand from one of nature’s ...

15 990 Ft
GHE liquid pH test

GHE LIQUID REAGENT for use with Water, Two drops and a colour chart is all you need.Mainly used for testing alkaline / acidity of water from water alkalisers. Liquid pH tester provided in a ...

- 24%
Supplementary kit for GrowBox Sets

What do you need for a complete and well-functioning growing set? This pack contains all the accessories that will make you more comfortable and easier to get started. What's more, you can ...

10 780 Ft8 190 Ft
Aquatek Litmus Paper 4.5-9.0 pH 100 strips

Litmus pH test paper for easy and fast pH testing. Resolution: pH 4.5 - 9 Package contains 100 pcs easier than anything fast results Usage: Simply press the testing strip to the ...

- 21%
Professional LED Growbox

The professional tent set contains all the tools and equipment you need; high-quality LED lamps and gardening tools for professional indoor ...

453 100 Ft357 950 Ft
- 22%
Advanced LED Growbox

Modern, energy-efficient plant growing kit for professional indoor gardeners who want to work with high quality LED lamps and gardening tools all ...

305 190 Ft238 050 Ft
- 19%
Starter LED Growbox

Modern, energy-efficient plant growing kit for beginner gardeners with high quality LED ...

198 600 Ft160 865 Ft
Marry Jane CBD Isolate (MTC Oil)

This product is not an extract, but an isolate, meaning that the cannabinoid profile of this cannabis oil contains only CBD. It contains 0% THC. Cannabinoid profile of Marry Jane CBD ...

9 490 Ft 7 990 Ft
Metrop MAM

Metrop MAM motherplant fertilizer/clone production NPK 20-20-8+TE. Dont buy water, buy concentrated fertilizers ! Make the motherplant strong = making clones strong ! Metrop MAM highest ...

Metrop AminoXtreme

Metrop AminoXtrem bloom stimulator is a Bio stimulator based on synthesized free amino acids (SFAA's) and oligo peptides of low molecular weight (LWOP's). A quick absorption (90% in within 7 ...

Metrop Cal Green

Function: Calcium is a primary constituent of all cell walls and membranes. Restrictions in the availability of calcium will adversely affect cell division impair the structural stability and the ...

Metrop MR2

Metrop MR2 flower fertilizer/bloom fertilizer NPK 10-20-40. Dont buy water, buy concentrated fertilizers ! The more potassium to a fruit or flower, the fatter the fruit of flower ! For the ...

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