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Albert Einstein once said that "pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgement in all human affairs." We have to agree. Lighting the bowl, taking a puff, holding it briefly then slowly exhaling... the smoking satisfaction can take you to some pretty philosophical places.

Smoking from a hand pipe is many smokers' favorite way to relax. Just holding a pipe brings delicious anticipation. At Gomoa.net, we've assembled a huge selection of hand pipes to choose from, made from a variety of materials, ranging from down-home corn cob pipes to one-of-a-kind glass art hand pipes.


- 40%
Corn cob pipe  9 cm

Nine cm long corn cob pipe.

990 Ft594 Ft
Colorful Thin Glass Popcorn Pipe

Colorful pipe made of thin glass. It is available in various colours. Material: heat resistant glass Design will be choosed randomly. To choose your favourite you have to visit our shops ...

Glass Kawuum

Kawuum pipes are ideal for smoking herbal remedies that's smoke is harsh. To make easier to inhale, this pipe has a special shape that allows fresh air to mix with the smoke. According to the ...

Credit Card Pipe 8,5 cm

It's just beautiful, a great design and 100 % Gomoa quality. This has been engineered to create a perfect seal with a 'clipper' lighter to create a windproof seal. The inside of the pipe houses a ...

Lightweight Wooden Pipe 8 cm

Tiny wooden pipe made of lightweight wood. Made for those who like handy and useful pipes. Length: 8 cm

Rosewood Pipe Carved 9 cm

Wonderful rosewood pipe with beautiful carvings. Length: 9 cm

Wood pipe 6-12 cm

Five different wooden pipes between 6 and 12 cm. Choose your favorite! Important! Price per piece!

Foldable Pipe

Wooden pipe, with metal base. Foldable, so that it is very small, and dismountable, so that it can be cleaned easlily. The pipe screen is not included. Its size is approximately 6 cm.

Glass 2 in 1 Pipe and Vaporizer

Unique 2 in 1 pipe with pipe and vaporizer function. It is filled with liquid which helps to cool down the smoke.

Carved Wooden Smoking Pipe 21 cm

Wonderful wooden pipe with beautiful carvings, made of two types of wood. Length: 21 cm

Metal longpipe fekete 25 cm

Extra long black metal pipe in velvet bag. Length: 25 cm

Metal pipe with wooden inlay 8cm

Elegant metal pipe with wooden inlay on the stem.  

Rosewood Pipe 9 cm

Wonderful rosewood pipe . Length: 9 cm

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