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In our urbanised world we need every piece of soil. City people will need to grow their own vegetables far from the polluted air. With new technologies it is possible to grow plants in your own home every time in the year. And nothing is better, than eat your self-cultivated, 100% toxin free vegetables.

We offer a wide range of high quality equipments and the best nutrients and substrates for your own home-garden.

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New Products For mrcius
Headlight with 8 LED Bulbs
Headlight with 8 LED Bulbs1,990.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Pollen protection sheet 1,2mx1,5m
Pollen protection sheet 1,2mx1,5m5,490.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Leaf Trimmer Scissor
Leaf Trimmer Scissor1,950.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Growroom Lenses
Growroom Lenses6,990.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Duct Tape PVC 50mm
Duct Tape PVC 50mm890.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Cultibox Scrog net
Cultibox Scrog net1,990.-FtViewAdd to Cart
EM-BIO1,200.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Pipette100.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Duct Tape Gray 50mm
Duct Tape Gray 50mm1,100.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Neptune Hydroponics Mist Maker
Neptune Hydroponics Mist Maker9,500.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Hortiline Horticutter Scissor
Hortiline Horticutter Scissor1,500.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Agar-agar powder
Agar-agar powder1,500.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Heated Propagator 38x24x20 cm
Heated Propagator 38x24x20 cm7,990.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Microscope with mini 100x LED
Microscope with mini 100x LED4,900.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Black-diamond reflective sheeting
Black-diamond reflective sheeting790.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Drynet6,990.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Black and white sheeting
Black and white sheeting450.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Mylar 1.25 mX 1m
Mylar 1.25 mX 1m390.-FtViewAdd to Cart
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