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Click on Pots below, to find out how easy it is to choose the best for your indoor cultivation! Choose small net pots for germination and then use the larger sizes for growing and flowering.

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Air-Pot 25 liter
Air-Pot 25 liter2,890.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Air-Pot 15 liter
Air-Pot 15 liter2,190.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Air-Pot 10 liter
Air-Pot 10 liter1,690.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Air-Pot 6 liter
Air-Pot 6 liter1,390.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Air-Pot 3 liter
Air-Pot 3 liter890.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Orchidea Pot 15 cm
Orchidea Pot 15 cm590.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Orchidea Pot 17 cm
Orchidea Pot 17 cm953.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Orchidea Pot 12 cm
Orchidea Pot 12 cm490.-FtViewAdd to Cart
Hydro pot 15 cm
Hydro pot 15 cm990.-FtViewAdd to Cart