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Advanced Bud Factor X
Advanced Bud Factor X

Advanced Bud Factor X

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Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X is a bud potency and stem strengthener. Your crop may need magnesium to balance the use of high potassium fertilizers commonly used in the hydroponic industry. The following deficiency symptoms can be avoided by using Bud Factor X: interveinal chlorosis in older leaves, upward curling of leaves along the edges, senescence of leaves. Its ingredients are absorbed by the plant's roots and begin to signal the plant to maximize production of these valuable compounds. When this happens, the plant is not only of better quality, but can still produce abundant crops.
Bud Factor X contains bioactive ingredients that enhance the plant's inherent properties and maximally stimulate the production of terpinoids, resins and essential oils. Bud Factor X ingredients are also designed to maximize yield as well as crop quality. A balanced combination of highly biologically active ingredients maximizes the resin content in plants, as well as allowing plants to continue at their highest photosynthetic rate when plants are normally forced to 'shut down'. The reduced forms of nitrogen and B vitamins in the preparation also promote root development.

From week 1 to week 7, dose 2 ml per 1 liter of water per week and use during irrigation.


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