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Bio Nova Soil-SuperMix Nutrient
Bio Nova Soil-SuperMix Nutrient

Bio Nova Soil-SuperMix Nutrient

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1 liter5 790 Ft
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5 790 Ft

Product code: GRO0709


Soil SuperMix is a one component mineral fertilizer especially adapted to systems with soil.
Nutrients for growing and flowering, and A/B are combined within one product, which makes cultivating very easy.

This fertilizer consists of:

  •     NO3, NH4, NH2, SO4, P, K, Ca.
  •     Mg and Si.
  •     Chelated micro elements such as Fe, Mn, Zn, B.
  •     Cu and Mo.
  •     Organic components.

All of the elements mentioned above are 100% pure and of an organic origin. Therefore this fertilizer is absorbed directly, and a low EC will suffice. Furthermore, the organic components work as a good buffer. Soil SuperMix enhances an optimal soil condition, actively stimulates the root development and provides as a complete fertilizer not only for growing but also for flowering.

Apply a supplement of PK 13-14 as Superbloomer during the flowering period. In spite of the application of chelates (chelated micro elements) which makes this fertilizer virtually pH-independent, it could be necessary to adjust the pH. Use phosphoric acid to adjust the pH downwards. Use potassium-hydroxide solution to adjust the pH upwards. In this case you will need 4 grams of potassium per litre of soil per 0.5 pH.

Since Soil SuperMix is partially organic, this fertilizer cannot be applied by means of a dripping system (organic substances contain a great number of coarse particles).

Therefore, the mineral fertilizer Hydro SuperMix is applied as an alternative for dripping systems in order to reach the same result. These minerals are pure and do not clog the dripper.


1 liter5 790 Ft
5 liter19 990 Ft
20 lieter75 990 Ft


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