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Bio Nova X-ceL Booster nutrients
Bio Nova X-ceL Booster nutrients

Bio Nova X-ceL Booster nutrients

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4 490 Ft

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X-ceL Booster is a biological growing and flowering stimulator, which can be administered to all sorts of plants and significantly increases the quantity and quality of all tested crops.
This sophisticated combination of components stimulates the bio-chemical functions on all levels.
The organic extracts stimulate  the metabolism, in particular the photosynthesis, and consequently the forming of  carbohydrates.
The hormone household of the crop is actively stimulated by the combination of amino acids.
X-ceL Booster contains the following ingredients:
various vitamins, natural growing and flowering stimulators, amino acids, bacteria, trace elements, enzymes, kelp and humic acids.

X-ceL Booster actively takes part in the growing and flowering process from the first day of planting.
The crop strikes root more quickly which virtually rules out the dropping of leaves.
The plant  will grow more rapid and vital, while it simultaneously develops a very extensive root system.
The potency of flowering is stimulated and eventually leads to a demonstrable increased yield (10-25% increased yield).

X-ceL Booster is mixable with all fertilizers and can be applied to all  types of substrate.

Use 100 ml. per 100 litres of nutrient solution from the first day until the final week.

Tips: We recommend using BN X-cell and TML as 100% Vegan Stimulators for the highest yield. In areas of soft water or when using RO-water, it is recommended to add Ca 15 (+/- 4ml/10 liters) and MgO 10 (+/- 4ml/10 liters) to the fertilizer mix. The dosage of fertilizers can be adjusted in steps of 10% more or less.


0,25 liter4 490 Ft
1 liter12 500 Ft


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