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Bio Nova NFT-Aero-SuperMix Nutrient
Bio Nova NFT-Aero-SuperMix Nutrient

Bio Nova NFT-Aero-SuperMix Nutrient

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NFT Aero-SuperMix

NFT Aero-SuperMix is a one component bio-mineral fertilizer especially developed for systems that do not make use of any substrates. Nutrients for growing and flowering, and A/B are combined within one product which makes cultivating very easy.

This fertilizer consists of:

  •     macro elements such as NO3, NH4, NH2, SO4, P, K, Ca.
  •     Mg and Si.
  •     chelated micro elements such as Fe, Mn, Zn, B.
  •     Cu and Mo.
  •     vitalising organic extracts.

All of the elements mentioned above are 100% pure, of an organic origin, and free of any profuse ingredients. Therefore, this fertilizer is absorbed directly, and a low EC will suffice which is important for cultivating in systems that do not make use of substrates.
Aero SuperMix actively stimulates the root development, prevents dehydration, and provides as a complete fertilizer not only for growing but also for flowering.
Apply a supplement of PK 13-14 as Superbloomer during the flowering period.
In spite of the application of chelates (chelated micro elements) which makes this fertilizer virtually pH-independent, it could be necessary to adjust the pH (preferably with phosphoric acid) in extreme cases. A pH-value of 5.8 (5.5-6.5) is recommended.
(check the pH-meter once a month with the proper pH tester)

In order to minimize the chance of the forming of excess material out of tap water, it is recommended to clean the vessel once a week.
Make sure that it is clean because when one plant is affected by fungi, viruses, or root-eating insects it will not take long before the entire crop is affected.
Therefore, it is essential to apply sufficient BN-Zym and TML, in order to prevent possible problems or to control the situation.

In areas with a low calcium-value (soft water) Ca 15 should be added.
When the recommended nutrients are used, a TOP result is secured.

Continuously mix in 280-350 ml. per 100 litres of water.
In the first week of the growth a small dosage suffices.
Build up from 140 ml. to 280 ml. during that period.
From the second week, the maximum dosage should be applied.

Tips: First add water to the feed vessel, then add NFT Aqua Supermix and stir well. There after mix in the PK 13-14. When using Silution, first add water to the feed vassel then silution and stir well. Wait 30 min then mix the main fertilizers and stimulators. In areas of soft water or when using RO-water, it is recommended to add Ca 15 (+/- 4ml/10 liters) and MgO 10 (+/- 4ml/10 liters) to the fertilizer mix. The dosage of fertilizers can be adjusted in steps of 10% more or less. Adjust the pH to 5.5 – 6.0. For long flowering plants and when using LongFlower-Supermix, the schedule should be extended from mid flowering.


1 liter5 790 Ft
5 liter19 990 Ft


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