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Schmand Weg Bong & Pipe Cleaner 150gr
Schmand Weg Bong & Pipe Cleaner 150gr

Schmand Weg Bong & Pipe Cleaner 150gr

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Out of stock
Product code: HED0458


Be safe and clean with Schmand Weg! The Schmand Weg Bong & Pipe Cleaner is Earth Friendly - no fumes and no aftertaste once you've cleaned your bong or pipe.

Schmand Weg Bong & Pipe Cleaner can be used to clean pipes or bongs of all materials including glass, ceramics, metal and plastic. It will not leave any unwanted residue and it is non-toxic.

Use two teaspoon of Schmand Weg mixed with warm water and fill it in the pipe. Shake well and let it stand for 5 minute. Rinse well with clear water.

For best results, use regularly. For heavily tarred bongs or pipes, mix Schmand Weg Bong & Pipe Cleaner with hot water.

Cleaning brushes are always recommended as part of your bong cleaning process. You can buy them HERE.


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