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Andrew Feldmar: A tudatállapotok szivárványa
Andrew Feldmar: A tudatállapotok szivárványa

Andrew Feldmar: A tudatállapotok szivárványa

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Andrew Feldmar: A tudatállapotok szivárványa (Rainbow of Consciousness)

274 paces, hard cover

Andrew Feldmar is a psychologist who has been in the private practice of psychotherapy for over 44 years, in Vancouver, Canada. He was inspired to practice a form of radical (from radix, root) therapy, by R. D. Laing, who was his teacher, therapist, supervisor and later friend and colleague. He was introduced to research with and the therapeutic use of psychedelics in 1967. His interest in entheogen-assisted therapy has never flagged. He has published many books in Hungarian. He lectures, teaches, provides supervision and therapy internationally.

Tudatállapotok Szivárványa is a book, 160 pages, based on lectures delivered in Hungary in 1992.


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