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Gabor Maté, MD.: The Myth of Normal
Gabor Maté, MD.: The Myth of Normal

Gabor Maté, MD.: The Myth of Normal

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Libri Publishing House, Budapest, 2022.

Original title: The Myth of Normal

(592 pages, hardcover)

Full title: Are You Normal - Trauma, Illness and Healing in Our Toxic World

Ear text:

In his most comprehensive and complete book to date, the world-renowned author of The Rebellion of the Body explores the true causes of disease while providing a sharp critique of the toxic world around us and showing a path to health and healing.

Gábor Máté, a Hungarian-born doctor living in Canada, reveals in his revolutionary book that while the Western world is proud of its health services, there are more and more chronic patients and the general health of the population is deteriorating. Nearly seventy percent of the US population takes at least one prescription drug, and more than half take two. Twenty percent of people in Canada have high blood pressure, and in Europe this number already exceeds thirty percent. Mental illnesses are spreading among teenagers at a dizzying pace. Is our society sick or is this normal?

Gábor Máté has been working as a doctor for more than forty years, during his work he realized that what we think is normal, is far from it. We ignore the harmful effects of trauma and stress, and all the stresses of modern life that take their toll on our bodies and minds and damage our health. The countless well-trained specialists and special, modern tools at our disposal do not help us either. Western medicine does not look at the whole person, it does not care what stress does to our body, our immune system and our emotional balance.

Gábor Máté shows what actually makes us sick, reveals the connections between the declining state of the individual and the community, and guides his readers through the labyrinth of health and healing with compassion.

Together with his son Daniel, the world-famous doctor wrote his most diverse, most complete and most exciting book to date.

How can we hope to dismantle the huge collection of misunderstandings, prejudices, blind spots and health-killing fictions created on a cultural basis - especially if all of this serves the interests of a world order that seeks to ensure its own survival even at the cost of self-destruction? If we dream of a healthier and non-fragmented world, we must use and enhance the healing power of compassion.


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