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Iván Bócsa: The Cultivation of Hemp
Iván Bócsa: The Cultivation of Hemp

Iván Bócsa: The Cultivation of Hemp

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Iván Bócsa is the eldest and one of the most successful active hemp breeders of Europe. For 40 years, he improved eight state-registered fibre hemp varieties, four of which are still cultivated. The improvement of the first unisex hybrids (pure female F1 originating from a monoecious x dioecious crossing) and the development of Bredemann's idea and method are linked with his name.

During his career he bred only dioecious and unisex hybrids. He used monoecious varieties only as crossing partners because he was convinced (later proven by experimental evidence) that the monoecious varieties produce lower yields than the dioecious ones due to a 20 % inbreeding depression. He also improved the chlorophyll-deficient yellow-stemmed and the spherical ornamental varieties that characterise the extensiveness of his breeding work.

His book of hemp cultivation is the greatest summary of hemp cultivation in hungarian language.


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