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Kertészeti és szántóföldi növények fejlődési rendellenességei
Kertészeti és szántóföldi növények fejlődési rendellenességei

Kertészeti és szántóföldi növények fejlődési rendellenességei

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4 900 Ft

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Plant-growing - whether field or horticultural - has a great impact on any environmental change: be it light, humidity, or temperature. In addition, environmental protection and climate change also induce physiological and developmental abnormalities, which can not be justified by the appearance of pathogens or pests.

At least 60 percent of developmental disorders and illnesses, according to plant health practitioners and protectors, are caused by these adverse environmental factors.

In the first part of the book created by István Terbe, Katalin Slezák and Noemi Kappel, the reader describes these disorders, the causes, the time of appearance, the place and the time interval.

The rest of the compositions reveal the negative changes caused by lifeless factors observed on crops - whether fruit, vegetables, ornamental plants, mushrooms or grains. It has a road to recognition, treatment and prevention, thereby avoiding deteriorating quality, decreasing productivity and indirectly reducing profits.

Illustrated illustrations help to identify symptoms.

The authors offer a wide range of modern, high-quality knowledge to the reader, which can be of great use to all crop growers. Additionally, pesticides and surgeons and agrarian students can also have a wealth of new knowledge about the environmentally conscious viewpoint


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