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Grow Light Bulbs Hps - Mh - Agro

If you are going to grow plants inside hydroponically, in soil or other mediums, you will need a grow light.  A grow light mimics the light spectrum from the sun, essential for plant growth.
Plant growth falls into 2 key cycles - vegetative and flowering stages. For vegetative growth blue spectrum of light are ideal, and for flowering red/orange spectrums are required.

Easy guide to the right grow light for you:

  • MH are ideal for vegetative growth
  • HPS-TS grow lights are suited for flowering growth

AGRO bulbs have both blue and red/orange spectrums and are suited for both stage.

You can grow plants through both stages with either a MH or a HPS TS but results will not be optimum. The best way to grow is with a different bulb at each stage, a combination of lights.

Sylvania Grolux HPS

Sylvania Grolux SHP-TS bulbs combine effectiveness with long life. GroLux light spectrum maximises red output essential for plant growth, especially in the bloom phase. Patented arc tube ...

Sylvania SHP-T GroXpress lamp

Sylvania GroXpress high pressure sodium lamp. These sylvania lamps are the best price for money items on the grow lamp market. They were designed for high performance, durability, and yet highly ...

Philips Son-T Pia Green Power

Greenpower lamps are ideal for flowering light. They promote CO2 assimilation for better photosynthesis and growth of plants. Master Son-T pia Greenpower lamps have the highest amount of growth ...

Sylvania SHP-TS Super

Sylvania high pressure sodium lamp. Exceptional combination of long lifetime and high performance. Patented new construction featuring the Sylvania Wound Ignition Antenna for the ultimate ...

Osram NAV-T Super 4Y

Lamp survival factor: 95 % after 16,000 h burning time Average lifetime: up to 36,000 h Lamp maintenance factor: ≥ 80 % after 16,000 h burning time (according to DIN 13201) Service ...

Lumatek HPS Dual Spektrum bulb

Lumatek HPS grow lamp with dual spectrum. Dual spectrum lamps are basically red spectrum lamps with enhanced blue. Therefore you can use this lamp thoughout the entire life cycle of a plant. (Red ...

Osram Plantastar HPS

Osram Plantastar HPS enables faster, quality plant growth. Key features extremely high light effect, up to 140 lm / W robust, impact-resistant lamp construction with flexible burner ...

GIB Pure Bloom Xtreme HPS bulb

The GIB Pure Bloom Xtreme HPS bulb offers the highest quality. The red spectrum range is maximized and the blue spectrum is minimized - as a result, the lamp light is particularly suitable for the ...

Sylvania SHP-T HPS bulb 1000W V2 E40

PRODUCT FEATURES - High pressure Sodium Lamp with High Lumen output, - Long life (30,000hrs), - Strong performance and High reliability, - For use in Car Pars, Streetlighting and Floodlighting ...

Philips Son-T Pia Plus HPS

SON is the Philips name for arange of high-quality highpressure sodium lamps.The Philips MASTER SON(-T)PIA PLUS and the MASTERSON(-T) PIA Hg-Free are highpressure sodium lamps with PIA (Philips ...

Lumatek HPS Lamp (double ended)

The Lumatek HPS Lamp (double ended) designed for use with a digital transformer. It is made using high quality ceramic arc tube technology and a special horticultural gas mixture that provides ...

31 990 Ft
Philips Master Son-T Agro HPS 400W

SON is the Philips name for arange of high-quality highpressure sodium lamps.The Philips MASTER SON(-T) AGRO is highpressure sodium lamp with PIA (Philips Integrated Antenna) technology. The HPS ...

10 150 Ft
Sylvania SHP-T Basic Plus HPS 150W Bulb

Parameters: Lumen/W: 112 Wattage: 150 W Lifelong: 32,000 hours Lumens: 17000 Technology: HID Volt: 100V - only with transformator E40 Dimmable: no Kelvin: 2000K CRI: 20 Ra

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