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Canna Aqua A/B Vega nutrient solution
Canna Aqua A/B Vega nutrient solution

Canna Aqua A/B Vega nutrient solution

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1 liter7 590 Ft
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7 590 Ft

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Canna Aqua A / B Vega nutrient solution is a fast-acting nutrient for plants that contains all the elements needed for optimal growth. The growth stage is important because in this phase the plants establish an abundant flowering and yield. Aqua Vega is most commonly used in recirculation systems. It is easy to use and dissolves directly, and also contains pH stabilizers, so there is no need to adjust the pH. Directly absorbed nitrogen compounds, high-quality EDDHA iron chelating agents and trace elements guarantee an ideal start to flowering.


  1. Shake the bottle well before use.
  2. Fill the nutrient tank with water.
  3. Dissolve 200-200 ml of concentrate in 100 l of water (1: 500) as follows: first mix 400 ml of Aqua A with water, then add Aqua B, mix and leave to stand for one hour. The EC value of Aqua Vega (tap) dissolved in water varies between 1.1-1.9 mS / cm2 (= solution EC + water EC), recommended pH: 5.2 - 6.2.
  4. It can be used during the growth phase and 1-3 weeks of flowering. It is worth using from the beginning of flower formation. (1-3 weeks under 12-hour lighting or when the pH of the circulating water begins to drop below 5.0-5.2).


  • Do not mix concentrates A and B directly, as an insoluble combination will form that the plant cannot absorb.
  • Store in a closed, dark and frost-free place (UV light breaks down iron chelates in the nutrient).
  • Keep out of reach of children.


1 liter7 590 Ft
5 liter23 990 Ft
10 liter38 691 Ft


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