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CAN-Lite Carbon Filter

Can-Filters provides one of natures best odour control materials, Activated Carbon. Controlled grain size and large surface area give full rated airflow and more than 99% odour removal. The ...

CAN_lite Carbon filter joiner

CAN-Lite Carbon filter joiner This component is essential for CAN-Lite filters, but it is reuseable. Material: plastic.

Can Lite Pre filter (for carbon filter)

The Can Lite Pre filter (for carbon filter) is for CAN-Lite carbon filters. It helps to filter out dirt by being installed around the activated carbon filter. Because it filters out dirt, it should ...

CKV3 carbon for (active) carbon filter

One of the most widely used types of activated carbon for the CKV3 carbon pellets (for Can Filter Original activated carbon filter). It is a carbon-based, pelletized, steam-activated carbon with a ...

Can Filters Can-Inline Carbon Filter

The Can Filters Can-Inline Carbon Filter is easy to install both outside and inside the work area. Air filtration is 100% in both directions. Main characteristics 100% air filtration in both ...

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