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Advanced-Star ProStar CFL Energy Saving Bulb 6400K GROW

Advanced-Star ProStar CFL Energy Saving Bulb 6400K GROW

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200 W11 690 Ft

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11 690 Ft

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CFL PRO STAR Fluorescent compact ECO Bulbs

Pro Star, the latest low-consumption growth bulbs

The new energy-saving PRO STAR compact fluorescent lamps developed by Advanced Star are a considerable advance in horticultural lighting.

Unlike mercury or high-pressure sodium lamps, the spectrum of the PRO STAR Growth bulb corresponds to 100% of that of photosynthesis (100% PAR). With such performance, PRO STAR Growth 300w bulbs are thus ideal for growing plants!

Giving off a cold, blue light (“Blue 6400°K”), that encourages development, the PRO STAR Growth bulb can be placed at close proximity to the plant. Not only does the heat given off by the lamp not risk spoiling your plantings, the plant benefits from photosynthesis under good conditions.

Integrating a ballast, this CFL PRO STAR compact fluorescent lamp connects directly to the sector to offer up to 15,000 hours of efficient lighting. All the electricity used is transformed into light and not just heat, as is the case with HPS and MH lighting.


  • Energy savings of 20%.
  • Its PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) is 100% available to plants.
  • Heats bit, which allows the position closest to the plants.
  • Its light spectrum (6400°K) is close to natural light.
  • Equipped with an integrated ballast, it connects directly to the mains via a socket E40.

Advanced-Star Pro Star bulb lumens

  • 65W: 3500 lumens
  • 125W: 5600 lumens
  • 200W: 8400 lumens
  • 250W 11500 lumens
  • 300W: 13500 lumens

Other informations:

  • Voltage: 220/240V
  • Life: 15 000 hours
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Socket: E-40
  • Light spectrum: 6400°K


200 W11 690 Ft


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