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GG Precooler 8 arm percolator socket:14,5 mm
GG Precooler 8 arm percolator socket:14,5 mm

GG Precooler 8 arm percolator socket:14,5 mm

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9 790 Ft

Out of stock
Product code: HED1347


This Green Grace Glass Precooler is a unique smoking accessory for your bong!

It is used as an additional precooler for your smoke before the latter enters your bong and ends up in your mouth. So it furthermore smooths your smoke improving your smoking experience on the whole!

It is made of a high quality heat proof borosilicate glass, formed in the shape of a scientific tube of 17cm height, 50mm diameter and 5mm wall thickness.

You can place your herbs on the green 3 point bowl connecting to a percolator through a sure ground of 14.5 mm diameter.

The green 1x8 Arm percolator bubbles up your smoke, for cooling your toke. The black Grace Glass logo features at the front of the chamber.


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