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Smart CO2 producer bag

Smart CO2 producer bag

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The Smart CO2 producer bag helps to accelerate the growth rate of plants. This allows the crop to ripen faster, improve taste, color and yield. The bag is safe to use and easy to set up. Carbon dioxide is as important to plants as it is to humans, so it is one of the most important elements for growth. If a plant does not get enough carbon dioxide from the air, it slows down its growth.


  • previous flowering
  • higher yields
  • increased stem strength
  • stronger plants
  • better taste and color

Insert 3 to 6 holes in the bag a few inches from the top (taking care not to touch the contents of the bag). Using a cable tie, place the bag over the plants. The bag starts to produce carbon dioxide in 2-3 days at a temperature between 25-30 oC. Optimal humidity is important; so if there is too much moisture in the sachet, pierce the bottom so that the excess moisture can escape. Do not hang the bag near lamps or other heat sources. Recommended room size: 5 - 15 m2.

The bags produce carbon dioxide for 2-3 months, depending on ventilation, heat humidity and the amount of holes in the bag. Plants use photosynthesis, a process that converts water, sunlight, and CO2 into raw materials that promote their growth and nutrition. When there is more CO2 in the air, plants are more active and absorb it more successfully. Faster CO2 conversion results in faster and more intense growth. Plants also absorb CO2 through small pores in the underside of the leaves, called vents. If the CO2 level is higher, the plants do not have to open these pores as often or as widely, as this results in less water loss and a lower chance of absorbing critically harmful air pollutants.


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