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ONA Gel Odor Neutralizer Fresh Linen

ONA Gel Odor Neutralizer Fresh Linen

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3 990 Ft

Product code: GRO2481


ONA gel is a highly effective odor neutralizer in a unique gel crystal form. It is made of 32 different natural essential oils. ONA gel doesn't mask unpleasant odours, it makes the disappear.

Scent: Fresh Linen

Benefits of ONA Gel:

  • effective odor neutralizer capability
  • ideal for small environments
  • environmentally freindly
  • non-toxic
  • organic
  • safe to use around people, animals and plants
  • can be used in decorative bowls

Due to its crystal, it can be placed anywhere. You can spill a part of it into bowls, and double the effectiveness.


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