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ONA Gel Odor Neutralizer Professional

ONA Gel Odor Neutralizer Professional

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500 ml3 990 Ft
1 liter6 990 Ft
4 liter17 790 Ft
20 lieter79 890 Ft

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3 990 Ft

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If you really want to get rid of nasty smells, you have to try the ONA odor neutralizer crystal gel. With it's unique crsytal gel formula it really catches the eye, and eliminates odors permanently.

Scent: Professional

You can use it near people, animals and plants with no fear, because it is non toxic. Made of 32 different essential oils, it is organic and eco-friendly.

Benefits of ONA Gel:

  • effective odor neutralizer capability
  • ideal for small environments
  • environmentally freindly
  • non-toxic
  • organic
  • safe to use around people, animals and plants

Depending on the strength of smell, you can use it different ways.

  • mild odor: use it by poking holes into the membrane below the cap.
  • medium strength smell: remove the membrane completely
  • strong odor: pour ONA Gel into one or more flat bowls, and put it in different corners of the room
  • Extra Tip: pour it into a decorative bowl, to make it look good

To revitalize and refresh ONA Gel, gently shake and stir it once in a while.



500 ml3 990 Ft
1 liter6 990 Ft
4 liter17 790 Ft
20 lieter79 890 Ft


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