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Air Ozonator for air treatment, disinfection, deodorisation and sterilisation
Air Ozoniser With the next generation ozone technology.
To disinfect, deodorize, sterilize and purify air as nature does in the stratosphere.

The Ozoniser creates fresh air, like after thunder and lighting. Breath in pure air, early morning fresh air any time of the day. Ozone destroys all micro organisms,  including bacteria, virus, spore, mold and fungi.

Ozone reduces Cigarette smoke and pollen level in air.

Ozone truly deodorizes by destroying odour causing bacteria and neutralising odour causing chemicals. The so called air Freshener or deodarisers do nothing but mask the existing odour by injecting aromatic chemicals in to already polluted air.

Ozoniser is a range of miniaturised air ozonator  a technology break through to bring to you the ultimate answer to combat odour and air pollution.

Ozoniser diffuses into atmosphere very small controllable quantity of ozone. Ozone reacts with the impurities (micro-organisms and chemicals) neutralizing them. The result is clean, pure, fresh and healthy air which feels so good to deep breath.

  • O3 production: 200mg/h, 0-30 min. periods
  • Adjustable periods: 1-12 h

  • average power: 7W



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